White Collar Workout (Group)

Ironmight Fitness conducts White Collar Workout, which are subscription-based (monthly/yearly) outdoor group workouts conducted 5 times a week at stipulated places/days during after-work hours at 7.00pm (weekdays) and 9.00am (weekends). For exercise variety and challenge, our scheduled hourly White Collar Workout are conducted at the various locations:

– Marina Bay
– Fort Canning Park
– Singapore Botanic Gardens (Weekends)
– MacRitchie Reservoir (Weekends)
– Sentosa (Weekends)
– Southern Ridges Trail (Weekends)
– Singapore River
– Kallang Sports Hub
– East Coast Park

Our White Collar Workout challenges you to exercise beyond your perceived limitations. Since you are working out in a group with the same aims, you are more likely to work out harder as everyone is exercising towards the same goal, than you would on your own.

White Collar Workout consist of a variety of fun and effective exercises that aim to not only help you achieve your health & fitness goals, it also encourages team-bonding and provides networking opportunities with like minded people. The variety of exercise locations would provide you with a more holistic approach to exercise that also broadens your physical abilities. At the same time, this also eliminates the boredom of doing the same old exercises in the same old place, which will undermine your long-term commitment towards exercising.

Should you require more information about our subscription rates and monthly schedule, kindly contact Gerald at +65 96880687 or enquire at our comment form HERE.

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