About Us

Self (B&W)Ironmight Fitness is an experienced Singapore provider of effective health & fitness solutions to the average person striving to attain overall wellness in their health, achieving desired weight loss and meeting their physical fitness endeavours. We offer effective personal training, group training, pain management and practical nutritional advice to individuals or corporations and help enhance your quality of life.

We endorse a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to helping you achieve your objectives. We apply realistic training methodologies that comprise the following: Strength/Resistance, Bodyweight, Cross/Circuit, Power/Speed, Balance/Core Stability, Aerobic Endurance, Flexibility Enhancement, Muscle Relief Treatment, Practical Nutritional Advice and Exercise Theory.

These effective theoretical and practical training methodologies are conducted on an Individual or Group basis, indoors as well as outdoors in areas like your homes, condominium or public gyms, outdoor parks, sports stadiums or public fitness stations.

Should you require more information about our services or rates, kindly contact Gerald at +65 96880687 or enquire at our comment form HERE.

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